Rusty Bioinformatics

Back to the basics of bioinformatics.

About me

Hi, my name is Angel Pizarro. I work at Amazon Web Service doing business development in genomics and other life sciences. Most of my time is no longer spent on programming, but rather writing prose. I am interested in large scale bioinformatics problems across the all of the genomic sciences, and have missed being in the trenches.

This blog is about scratching my own itch, and (re)learning bioinformatics programming. Most of my career has involved interpreted languages: 6 years in Perl; 9 in Ruby; other times trying my hand at Python, R, Java, etc. Instead of covering these well-worn topics, I decided to concentrate on new programming languages and models. In particular, I will be investigating compiled languages with strong typing and memory constraints. Two that would fit the bill would be Go and Rust, but for various reasons, I chose the more obscure Rust to write about first, which was also the inspiration for the blog’s name.


I could spend all day bikeshedding about how to publish this blog. The practical side of me knows that the it really doesn’t matter, and that I should just pick the easiest thing possible. In this case, that would be using GitHub Pages, jekyll and a nice theme and be done with it.